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Copper Light Luxury Wall Light, Decorative Light (2111/2)


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Product Dimension

Length: 24cm

Width:  17 cm

Height: 12 cm

Model No:  2111/2

Bulb Included: Yes

Bulb Holder: No

Introducing the Copper Light Luxury Wall Light – an embodiment of elegance and sophistication that transforms your living spaces into captivating realms of beauty. This decorative masterpiece redefines how light can enhance your interior decor, marrying the allure of copper with a design that resonates with modern sensibilities.

Crafted to perfection, the Copper Light Luxury Wall Light is more than just a source of illumination – it's a statement piece that elevates your home's ambiance. The intricate copper frame, meticulously handcrafted, exudes a luxurious warmth, casting an inviting glow that instantly creates a cozy atmosphere.

Whether adorning your living room, bedroom, or hallway, this wall light adds a touch of opulence to any setting. The interplay between its sophisticated design and the ambient light it emits sets the stage for unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Constructed using high-quality materials, the Copper Light Luxury Wall Light ensures longevity and enduring beauty. Its careful construction ensures a seamless blend of form and function, offering both visual delight and practical lighting.

Transform your space with the Copper Light Luxury Wall Light – a fusion of classic aesthetics and contemporary design that will leave a lasting impression. Illuminate your surroundings with an enchanting radiance that only copper can provide, and let the charm of this decorative light redefine your interior decor journey.